Girls Who Code


Thanks to a partnership between UNLV’s Honors College and Konami, a group of 16 Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas students are learning to code via the first Girls Who Code club in Las Vegas.

Girls Who Code is a nationwide nonprofit organization that focuses on closing the gender gap in the field of technology by teaching teen girls to code.

According to the Girls Who Code website, the gender gap in technology has increased since the 1980’s by almost 20 percent. At the same time the number of jobs in computing related fields continues to grow. Consequently, women are being left behind in tech which is the main issue that Girls Who Code tries to tackle.

Until recently Girls Who Code clubs were found in most major cities except Las Vegas. That all changed when the Honors College at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) started a club sponsored by Konami. Thanks to this collaboration, a group of 16 Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas female students from Del Sol Academy and Chaparral High School are participating in the first Girls Who Code club in Las Vegas.

Starting in January, these girls have spent every Saturday morning learning how to code and will continue to do so until May. So far they have learned the foundation of coding which includes variables, conditionals, loops, and functions. Soon they will be learning Python, a programming language. At the end of the course students are expected to develop a computer program that will contribute to uplifting their community.

We will continue to update the status of Girls Who Code as they progress through the program.

Girls Who Code